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what is sugaring?



  Sugaring is...


It's a simple formula of water, sugar, & lemon juice. 

No nasty, fake stuff here!


It never removes live skin cells & is almost pain-free!

It's an amazing alternative for sensitive skin.


Sugaring produces far less waste than shaving and waxing!

The Original

Sugaring has been around for ages! Even the ancient Egyptians used it. Take Cleopatra's word for it - sugaring is the way to go!

It's time to leave waxing in the past!

Take a look at how sugaring compares to waxing and then try it for yourself!


  • Used at a comfortably warm temperature with zero burn risk.

  • Does not damage or remove live skin cells, thereby reducing pain & irritation.

  • Hair is removed with the natural direction of growth which reduces in-grown hairs & causes less pain making it ideal for sensitive skin!

  • Made from clean, all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. Additionally, the products I use are organic & made in the USA.

  • More eco-friendly & generates less waste than waxing since no sticks or strips are involved.

  • Sugar paste is biodegradable & water-soluble (easier clean-up!).

  • Skin feels smooth, calm, and far less irritated than waxed skin. Redness dissipates quickly.


  • Removes the entire hair, including the root meaning you have l​ong-lasting smoothness - 2-4 weeks.

  • Costs about the same.

  • Leads to softer, finer regrowth. Regular treatments can lead to permanency.

  • Much more time-efficient than shaving!


  • Heated to high temperatures & can burn on contact​.

  • Soft wax adheres to live cells on the skin's surface & pulls them off with the hair. Ouch!

  • Hair is removed against the direction of growth. Often, hairs break inside the follicle, causing in-growns & permanent follicle distortion.

  • Contains beeswax, synthetic dyes, pore-clogging resins, soy derivatives, & other irritants.

  • Uses lots of single-use items such as wooden sticks & muslin strips which generates more waste.

  • Extremely difficult to clean up and will ruin clothing.

  • Leaves skin feeling raw, sticky & irritated. Irritation can last for hours!

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